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For many, your house is your most valuable asset and your mortgage is your biggest debt. If you are buying your first home, refinancing or moving to a new property, you need the right adviser to guide you through the mortgage process.


At FindAdviser we will ensure that you have the best qualified and most experienced mortgage broker on your side to help guide you through one of the most important and most difficult decisions you will have to make – which mortgage to choose. Not only this but they will provide this advice at absolutely no cost to yourself as all of our mortgage advice is 100% free.


So not only are you going to receive impartial advice from qualified individuals with years of experience which is guaranteed and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. you will also receive this advice absolutely free of charge with no fees payable to us.


Free Mortgage Advice From The Mortgage Professionals


Here is a list of what you need to look for in order to locate a great mortgage adviser.


Your Mortgage Adviser Should Be Authorised


Due to a large number of scandals that rocked the financial industry over the last few years such as mis-selling of PPI, financial advice in general and mortgage advice in particular, has become one of the most highly regulated industries in the country. In order to provide mortgage advice, a mortgage adviser has to be authorised to sell mortgages. This normally means that they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. (F.C.A.)


A mortgage adviser will either be directly authorised or will be an appointed representative of a regulated company. You can check if an individual or their company are authorised to give mortgage advice here. Not only will this confirm that the adviser is qualified to advise on mortgages and that they hold the required exams and licences but you will also be eligible for compensation if the advice you are given is wrong.


All of the advisers chosen by FindAdviser are authorised and regulated by the FCA to give free Independent Mortgage Advice so that you are covered by the Financial Conduct Authority’s compensation scheme and all our advisers are subject to strict vetting and regular regulatory checks to make sure that their advice and recommendations are of the highest standard.


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Your Mortgage Adviser Should Give Free Independent Mortgage Advice


A mortgage adviser can either give independent or restricted advice. An obvious example of restricted advice is a representative of a bank who can only advise on the products offered by the bank. Less obvious is the fact that many mortgage brokers actually work from a restricted panel of lenders rather than the whole of the intermediary market.


Be aware that even a fully independent mortgage adviser cannot provide you with 100% of the mortgages available as some lenders only offer their mortgages directly to the public although a good adviser should still be able to make you aware of these alternative lenders.


Every Mortgage Adviser that is recommended by FindAdviser offers Independent Mortgage Advice and can recommend all mortgages available in the intermediary market. Moreover, the advice that they give will be based only on what is the best mortgage for you given your needs and circumstances and this will be the principle underlying all recommendations given


Your Mortgage Adviser Should Give Free Mortgage Advice


One questions we often get is ‘how can you give free mortgage advice – how is this possible? Certainly this is not the case with most mortgage brokers who typically charge broker fees for their service of up to 1% of the mortgage balance which can lead to thousands of pounds of additional fees being charged


What most people don’t realize is that most lenders will automatically provide mortgage advisers with remuneration or commission for introducing a mortgage to them – this is known as a procuration fee. Because of this, provided that the mortgage is not unduly complex or the loan very small, there should be no additional fee payable for mortgage advice as your mortgage advisor has already been paid by the lender that he used to set up the mortgage.


At FindAdviser we do not believe in charging additional mortgage fees for our advice as our fees are more than adequately paid for by the procuration fee paid to us by the mortgage lenders. All we ask is that if you are happy with the service which we provide then you let other people know and recommend our service to your friends, colleagues and family.


Your Independent Mortgage Adviser Should Be Experienced


The ability to identify the best mortgage for your needs takes a great deal of time to develop and is not a skill that can be learned overnight or even after a few weeks or months. In order to be certain that you are being given the right advice, you need to speak to an adviser who has a track record  of looking after the needs of customers for several years.


All of our advisers have years of experience in financial services and indeed many of them over 20 years worth of experience in dealing with the mortgage requirements of clients including complex situations which require specialist solutions such as mortgages for Contractors,  Self Employed clients or clients with impaired credit.


Your Mortgage Adviser Needs To Be Available To See You In Your Local Area


Although it is possible for mortgage advice to be given over the phone and by email, some people want face to face advice so it may be important to you that your mortgage adviser is available to see you in your local area.


All of our advisers are available to see you in your local area or in one of their offices throughout the UK and even for a face to face meeting, all advice is still 100% completely free.


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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.